Sugar Skull mural. Mazatlán, México: ‘Towards the Kingdom on the island of alfeñiques… ‘

Sugar skull mural by

Detail skull ''La cueva de los alfeñiques'.

Best sugar skull mural by Matt Collier

Sugar skull mural

Detail right tree 'La cueva de los alfeñiques'

In fact the full (not at all absurd) title is: ‘Hacia el reino en la isla de los alfeñiques, donde la gente entrar pero pocas salir’ / ‘Towards the Kingdom of the Sugar Skulls, Where the People Enter but Few Ever Leave’. Have you read The Crystal World by JG Ballard?

‘Alfeñiques’ is an alternative name for the Mexican sugar skull, used in the celebrations of the day of the dead (El día de los Muertos).

I’d love the chance to continue more of these murals – maybe with the head turned, or more of them, changing the colour of each skull… My murals always have a connection with the others, a strange animation and a perfect excuse for travel and magical conversation