Lima, Peru: ´Sagittarius´.


One small sketch for Sagittarius 2015

Sagittarius started with a friends’ conversation with the owner of the premises about me going to make a mural outside Lima, namely ‘Sketchbook Mural #1‘. The French owner (with his beautiful Peruvian family) offered me the wall to the entrance that he had “been saving for a good one”! Initially I thought no way will I want to do this, I’ll be ready to hit the road after this other mural, and at this point I’d really only witnessed the hard exhausting side of Lima. But the city grew on me, like most all cities it has many sides.. This mural came as a good challenge because I wanted to try two very different forms of painting, one right after the other (a change of painting materials added to the difference). At the time, astrologically speaking we were in Sagittarius and I was mere breaths away from my birthday in a very important year of life = to be learning in this fashion, to be making work artwork in this fashion, to be travelling.

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