Hello! Mural artist at your service! Greetings from the mural artist that is willing to travel far and wide to make murals.

Art schools, residencies to travelling making work:

Studying in art schools gave me huge amounts studio time, in depth discussion and critical thinking, libraries of knowledge and image exposure, with my general behaviour of a gradual ‘hard-won process’ and time to mature, I etched in a type of personal language into my drawing and painting (link to my strictly artist website: mattcollier.com). I studied at the acclaimed schools of  University of the Arts degree in Fine Art, London and the a MFA at Glasgow School of Art, Scotland with a full scholarship. Immediately after graduation taking the Kinross residency in Florence for 3 months (with work in the Royal Scottish Academy collection). My return to England (in winter) via scooter of course!

With time I recognised that I carried on my art work matured,  I had solo exhibitions but an internal-sentiment had started to change. So my reaction was to turn 180 degrees. Still it took a push, a few invented excuses, staring into mirrors, fist fights with hesitation, then I left for South America.. Walking out the door with a back pack full of books, sketchbooks, materials, and a couple clothes. I grabbed the brown jacket on the hook, something English, something else impractical, I’m always confident that I will survive even if I don’t resemble a highway man


Also see: www.MATTCOLLIER.com if interested in seeing my uncompromising drawings.